Having an Event calendar for upcoming events

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    Hi all,
    I wanted to have an Event Calendar to tell people of events happening in places and stuff.

    I read http://helensnerdyblog.wordpress.com/2007/11/27/how-to-add-a-google-calendar-to-your-wordpresscom-blog-using-the-rss-widget/

    as well as


    I also saw a promising http://code.google.com/p/wpng-calendar/

    but all of this was of no use.

    a. The first one rests on a site called feed43.com and that one is not opening on my browser.

    b. Dunno about any other remote calendars which are good and are free software and use RSS.

    c. Third seems to be something interesting but that’s cool only if one has one’s blog in a self-hosted environment. I can only use tools which wordpress.com is able to give me.

    If anybody has any interesting ideas/implementations of using remote calendars using RSS it would be nice.


    I’m trying a Google calendar rss feed into a rss widget. The titles of the events show up, but all the dates show as January 1, 1970. That’s must be the way Google formats calendar xml feeds (Google News feeds show up correctly). It works fine but for those dates displaying incorrectly, and of course that’s not a wordpress.com issue.

    The other problem, reversing the order of events, was fixed thanks to http://helensnerdyblog.wordpress.com/2007/11/27/how-to-add-a-google-calendar-to-your-wordpresscom-blog-using-the-rss-widget/



    The usual suggestion is to do exactly that, use a Google calendar and an RSS feed. I haven’t heard of that error before, though. Perhaps it’s a temporary thing.



    Oh, wait. YES, I’ve heard of that error before. For awhile it was kind of endemic: all draft posts on Drupal, for instance, seemed to be dated Dec 31, 1969. It’s a Google issue in this case and they’ll probably fix it soon. Something to do with the software running the servers, if I recall correctly.



    What options have you checked in the RSS Widget? Try unchecking the “Display Item Date” and only leaving the “Display Item Content”.


    Thanks for the replies, People. I did uncheck the display date option.

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