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    I’m setting up up a multi-user blog over at http://disgruntledpunks.wordpress.com

    I want to have the ‘authors’ widget very prominent – at the moment it is at the top of the wide sidebar on the vigilance theme – but ideally I’d like to have it run alphabetically so there’s no suggestion of a “who came first” heirarchy.

    Is it possible to do this? Moreover it is possible to have it set up so that new users (we’ll get a few more) will also be listed alphabetically?



    The blog I need help with is disgruntledpunks.wordpress.com.


    The widget does not have the ability to change the order, and I can’t think of anyway to do that.


    Well, OK there is one way sort of. You could make your own using a text widget, putting an image and text link in it for each author in the order you wanted, but it would not show any posts for the authors. You could link the images and the author’s usernames to their author pages though.


    No, that sounds like a massive hassle, especially as users will probably be dropping in and out all the time, and having their most recent posts is the key feature I want.

    Thanks anyway,



    Sorry there isn’t a real solution, but you are welcome.

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