Having different display names for 2 different WordPress blogs

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    Hello everyone,
    I was writing in a WordPress professional legal blog (called http://hatraklin.org/), and my display name there was my full name (in Hebrew). Since then, I started my personal WordPress blog (http://ifitwillmakemehappy.wordpress.com/), with a different display name.
    Unfortunately, the display name of my personal blog has taken over the way my name is being displayed in the professional site – and now instead of my full name my display name appears in it.
    Have read that for 2 different display names one would need 2 different WordPress accounts (with different emails), and have started a new one – but now don’t know what to do, subscribers wise, and with the old blog – especially since trying to change my display name for the 2 existing blogs to my full name does not work.
    The truth is that I would really love to not have to start another blog all together.
    Would very much appreciate your help!
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is ifitwillmakemehappy.wordpress.com.



    If you have set up an entirely separate WPcom account, you can transfer your personal site to your separate account following these instructions: http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/#transferring-your-blog-to-another-wordpress-com-user-or-account



    Thank you justjennifer! If I do transfer my personal site, will I be able to change my display name in the ‘professional’ site, and will it stick?
    Will I be able to also transfer my subscribers easily?
    It’s a bit scary to start anew, that’s all…
    Thanks again!



    You should be able to change your display name on each site to what you wish.

    Your subscribers signed up for each site separately, so they aren’t actually “going” anywhere. They shouldn’t feel any difference.



    Also, when you sign up for the new account, I believe you can sign up for only a username account with no blog attached.

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