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Having HTML Problems

  1. Hi, I'm having some problems posting some code from in my blog. After I publish my entry or page, I see the html I was trying to post, but not the link or form it was trying to represent. I'm not using the rich text editor since I'm visually impaired and was having trouble posting with it on. Am I doing something wrong? Hope someone can help!

  2. Well, I do know forms are stripped out of the posts. Forms usually require an addition page within the website to interpret the data a visitor entered. (I'm sure you know that. Just wanted to add it in case someone else hits this page.)

    As to links, can you give a sample of the link code that you are trying to add? You can post it completely if you enclose it with backticks, the key over your tab key.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Hi, thanks for your help. I tried closing in the links but they're still not working. Here's the code I was trying to post. It's from and was supposed to display recent episodes of my podcast. I put a [hash mark] around it.
    Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=""></a><br />Powered<br /><br /> by FeedBurner </p> <p>
    Hope someone can help. I'm pretty new at Word Press and don't know that much so it'd be great if someone could help me straighten this stuff out. Thanks again!

  4. You just have things out of order. Try this:

    Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href="">Powered</a><br /> by FeedBurner

    You need to put some text for the link between the two 'a' tags.

    Hope this helps,

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