Having issues with a change of name for my blog.

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    Hi there, I recently changed the name of my blog, and I think I royally messed up. Somehow I ended up with 3 blogs and can’t get rid of the others. Also, now the name of the blog I wanted, I can’t use anymore. Someone please help! :(

    I started with anamasacote.wordpress.com . Then I changed my name to masacote.wordpress.com , only I realized that I had changed my username to this, so I changed it back to anamasacote.wordpress.com after I found how to change the blog name.

    So, I tried changing the blog name to masacote.wordpress.com, and it said it was being used, which couldn’t have been trues, so I tried a temp name masacoteblog.wordpress.com and then ended up with a copy of the first blog, and I couldn’t delete the former. Then I ended up with a 3rd copy: masacoteentertainment.wordpress.com. I can’t get rid of any of the other blogs.

    All I want is one blog: masacoteentertainment.wordpress.com , but I want to shorten this name to masacote.wordpress.com and delete all the others. Is there a way for you to do this on your end?

    Sorry for the mess.

    Thank you for your help.

    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is masacoteentertainment.wordpress.com.

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