Having LOTS of trouble disconnecting a linked Facebook (and Twitter) account

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    I have a blog hosted free on WordPress.com. I also have a (second) Facebook page that is on-topic with my WP blog (Carpool, Couture & Cocktails), and is different from my own personal Facebook page.

    Today I decided that I no longer wanted my WP posts to automatically generate a link on Facebook, so I went through my WordPress settings, but couldn’t find an easy way to disconnect this page… When I go to my blog’s dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing, I see a list of ways to publicize my blog (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yahoo) but ALL of these say “Add New — Connection” but my current FB page (the one I wish to un-link) isn’t listed there at all… ie, nowhere with an “X” next to the link to the Facebook page I wish to disconnect.

    When I proceed to click the only Facebook link available, it tells me on the next screen, “You are using Facebook as Carpool, Couture and Cocktails… To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.” — which I have already done as well. Except WordPress and Facebook apparently don’t seem to be communicating.

    This is starting to feel a little bit like Hotel California, I’m ready to check out now but how can I ever leave? All the options I’ve chosen and tried out, as I hunt through the myriad of Facebook plug ins and Developer plug ins, trying to find a key, ALSO require a new installation. Which means I must be barking up the wrong tree, yes?

    Should I really be installing something when what I really want to do is disconnect something that’s supposed to be already there?

    Please help! Thanks…

    The blog I need help with is carpoolcoutureandcocktails.wordpress.com.



    I don’t see any Facebook Publicize connections at http://carpoolcoutureandcocktails.wordpress.com/ so it must be coming from elsewhere.

    Check the bottom of the box where the post was Publicized on your Wall, and it will tell you name of the application that did it.


    Hi, and thanks for responding…

    I am not seeing any actual app named at the bottom of the box, but to see it for yourself, the FB page url is:
    and the post is the first one at the top, “Carpe Diem~”



    That was just shared manually by you.

    I don’t see anything for your blog that was shared automatically, and definitely nothing from Publicize.


    Thanks — But not really “manually” like you say…

    So, this is what I’m finding confusing… Because these posts are publishing to my Facebook fan page “automatically” (not manually, I assure you, as I’m definitely trying to avoid this kind of auto-publish, etc.) and not through any specific linkages I can find any references to, from WordPress’s Dashboard settings, or in my Facebook’s app settings… sorry. I realize it’s confusing.

    Any other ideas please? Anyone? Thanks…



    Hm, all I can say is that its definitely not from us. You might want to check over with Facebook’s support too, they might have a few ideas for you.

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