Having my titles the same on other pages as my home page

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    I purchased the css and changed my fonts for the post titles. I used “notebook”. I want to use same font on the other pages. I don’t see where they allow you to do this. Can you guide me in this area? Also, is the change not showing up on some computers. I use the firefox browser.

    The blog I need help with is celebratethefamily.org.



    The blog linked to your username is a free hosted WordPress.com blog wearing the Twenty Eleven theme. All CSS editing is theme specific. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog wearing Notebook that you want CSS editing help with.



    Oh, I see now that you mean ie. you used the notebook editor. We also have a theme named Notebook here so that’s what confused me. Thanks for the link and please be patient while waiting for Staff support for your CSS editing.


    To clarify – I want to use the notebook font on the page titles of my other pages. And that is Why is the change not showing up on some other computers?



    Yes another ‘Notebook” and this one is the name of a font. I’m sorry but I don’t help with CSS editing. Only Staff provide CSS editing support these days.


    Hi @teresadebordeglenn, apologies for the delay. I want to make sure we’ve addressed the issue you raised about not being able to see fonts sometimes. Could we look at some specific examples? I will try some tests.

    First, I checked Appearance > Customize > Fonts for http://celebratethefamily.org/ and I found that your current settings are Calluna for headings and FF Dagny for body text.

    Next, I checked the heading on the about page at http://celebratethefamily.org/about/ and I looked in the Fonts panel in Firefox’s browser tools. I saw that the font is correctly displayed as Calluna. Here is a screenshot showing what I checked:

    This all looks correct to me. If you were thinking of a different page or font setting, could you point me to a direct link?


    I just noticed the date on the previous threads was a few years old… whoops! Well, I think my explanations make sense but weren’t really necessary. Sorry about that!

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