having one blog that's unconnected to my profile

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    How do I keep one blog separate from the rest? I have one blog that is personal and I don’t want everybody being able to read it, but I want to be able to comment on other blogs.

    Is it necessary to create a whole new account?

    The blog I need help with is pondaag.wordpress.com.



    Now that I’m reading my post, it doesn’t seem very clear.

    I have 2 blogs here. One general one, that everybody may see and know that it’s mine. The other one, I’d like to keep more separate. I don’t want everybody that I know, being able to end up there.
    So my question is, when some one is reading blog 1, is it possible to link to blog 2?
    When I comment on some one else’s blog, do I do that with my profile pic linking to one blog, or can I just change it manually?

    I hope it’s more clear now what my question is.
    I hope some one can clear this up for me. Let me know if more information is needed.

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