Having problems migrating from .com to .org self-hosted… instructions wont wor

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    Hi, I am having HUGE problems migrating my site to my self-hosted site.

    I have had two professional web designers attempt to do it following the instructions at:

    And both of them seem to be running into the same problem the exported files from the wordpress export dont seem to populate into the WordPress thats installed on my new hosts’s server.

    I cant use the guided transfer because I have godaddy for hosting (I refuse to use blue-host their service and support are terrible, and I want to start with a well-established full-service host that I know and trust to prevent having to move again later.) Is there any advice or anyone with experiences like this? OR better, Are there any professionals at wordpress that can help with this transition?




    Hi @tariqsabur!

    This question was answered by @thatrobyn in this thread:

    If you still need help with this issue, you can continue the discussion on that thread.

    Hope the move went well!

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