Having problems renewing wordpress value bundle

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    I was transferred administrative privileges to manage a blog but am having trouble renewing our subscription to the value bundle. Is there a way to renew without disruption when the original user who purchased the subscription is no longer managing the blog?

    The blog I need help with is subtletechnologies.com.



    The owner of the upgrades must renew the upgrades or transfer the upgrades to another account –

    The original owner can log in here and request the upgrades to be transferred — please be very specific so the staff can understand what is being moved from where to where


    The original owner is no longer with the organization. Is there no other way to renew?



    The problem is with the domain name – you don’t want to let it expire and revert to the wild and try and purchase it again – it can take 60 days or longer where it will not work – and you run the risk of a squatter grabbing the domain name and holding it hostage –

    All the other parts of the upgrade could be allowed to expire then be purchased new by a new account and your blog would only be disrupted for a few days (the domain mapping gap is the issue with this plan)


    I see. Our domain is active and will not be expiring for a while, it is just the value bundle that is expiring. If I let it expire and purchase it again immediately with a new account and credit card # etc, would the blog and its content still be in tact? This is my main concern.



    would the blog and its content still be in tact?

    yes your content is safe – with domain mapping the mapped domain name will not work for a while – you will probably need staff help when the renewal time comes up – in some cases the staff need to clear some records in a blog to allow another account to purchase the same upgrade

    I will flag this for staff attention for the staff to give you further help

    When are your upgrades expiring?


    Our upgrades are expiring tomorrow.

    I didn’t realize it would be so complicated to renew as there are three other administrators on staff.

    We would really like to avoid disruption service to our website. If I am able to get in contact with the original user who purchased the package, what would he need to do?



    Log into this thread with their account that owns the upgrades – state in simple words which upgrades should be transferred to which account – the staff will take it from there and transfer the upgrades to the specified account and you can renew the upgrades


    Ok, thanks for your help!

    I will try to get the original user to transfer the upgrades. But if I am not able to do this in time, I will let the upgrade expire and re-purchase it again immediately. If I need assistance, should I return to this thread?



    If I need assistance, should I return to this thread?

    yes –

    also you can subscribe to this thread (see the sidebar on the right side of the page) to get email when this is updated – since I have flagged this for staff attention I expect the staff to at least touch base here with a short reply


    Great. Thanks again for your help.



    You be welcome & good luck



    Hi there @annasubtletech, I see that the original owner renewed the Bundle. Let me know if you need more help. As @auxclass suggested, the person(s) who purchased the upgrades can contact us via http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ and request that the upgrades be transferred to any other admin.

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