Having problems with M-shots

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    I had the same problem (in Firefox) conantadmin. It went after a day or so – see my commments above.

    My other observation about Mshots is that the shots are out of date. This defeats the purpose for me, as I used to use snapshots to check if was worth clicking through to one of my links.



    i just hope i can choose whether to read the RSS feed or web preview, just like SnapShots.



    in Fire fox3 these are the errors so far:
    the m shots work for some outside links to sites.
    It shows error messages when a link leads back to wikipedia.
    It does not work at all for links leading to other blog posts of the same blog.

    I cannot open a link in a new browser tab, using right mouse clicks, because the window gets in the way.

    At this point i’m going to shut it off for now, until this gets sorted out.



    Hey any comment from wordpress staff as to what has happened here? On the premise of it works don’t fix it I don’t understand why we lost snapshots when logged in.


    I also turned off the mShots when I was replying to comments because the shot box would cover up everything. I checked Appearance>Extras and I have the box checked to enable but when I check my site, nothing happens. The only time the shots work is when I’m logged off. Any new news from the WordPress staff?


    Hi, everyone! It seems that mshots are slowly coming back, with most of my links showing up when I am logged in. All I’m waiting for now is for my descriptions to come back on when I hover over each link.

    Things are looking up! Thank you WordPress – I love you!



    Still no joy here from M-Shots. Now, they don’t work at all. Safari just renders a black rectangle. They keep loading and loading and nothing happens.

    Snapshots worked fine. They were very useful and added value to my posts and my links.

    M-Shots have now had a month and they still do not work.

    I have also seen nothing from staff on this issue. If I missed it, I’m sorry; but this “improvement” has really compromised the effectiveness of my blogs.



    agreed with lennyesq, I have post after post using Snap shots to show Wikipedia definitons and links to previous blog posts.

    Also snapshots prviewed PDF downloads which are very important to my blog.

    clicks on my PDFs have dropped way down, because (i believe) no one can see what they are downloading.



    My mshots work as long as I’m logged in but not when I log off. I’m using Firefox.



    I use Explorer and I’m also finding mshots do not work properly – a lot of the time they are just a black box, but one of the links shows a porn picture instead of the site it is actually linking to, as I see has happened to other people too. I’m disabling mshots on my blogs until something is sorted out, but I really don’t understand why WordPress has taken away something which worked fine and replaced it with something that doesn’t.



    I’ve now found that snap-shots has lost the ability to play mp3 files….. There used to be a nice little flash player that opened if you hovered over a link to a mp3 file – that is now gone. Things seem to be definitely going backwards here….. WordPress any word on what you are doing?

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