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    Perhaps I just did not find the solution but so far if I want to have several blogs, I understood that I had to register several times with different username.
    Is that right?
    If it it, then it would be good to be allowed to access several of my blogs from only 1 profile (like for http://www.blog.co.uk/) and also have a private blog which would not be published (like for blog.co.uk also)



    Once you are logged in you can signup for a new blog.

    You don’t need to have more than one profile



    If you want other authors on your blog they WILL have to signup. Once they’ve done that then you can add them to whichever blog you wish.


    Private blogs as such are not really an option here at the moment. You can password protect each post so that only people with the password can read them though. You can do this when you’re writing the post.




    I have signed up for two blogs under the same profile, but I can only access the Dashboard for the original one (and yes, I did click on the new blog label in the drop-down menu). Does anyone know what that is? I’ve attempted to access the Dashboard for my new blog in Mozilla, Firefox, and Explorer. The Dashboard address for the new blog automatically redirects to my main dashboard.

    Given that I cannot access the new blog to edit its appearance or post to it, this is kind of an annoying glitch.



    Nevermind, problem seems to have resolved itself.

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