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Having to refresh page to see new posts....

  1. Is it normal for the blog to always pull up the chached information? It seems every time I make a new post I have to tell people to make sure to refresh the page in order to see the latest posts.

  2. Not usually, we did have a bug with this a few days ago though. Have you ever seen this problem yourself?

  3. Is it just you seeing the older posts or is it your visiters as well? What ISP are you using? I'm thinking you may be behind a cache server or other form of proxy.

  4. I find this problem when using Opera Browser too. It caches the main page and I have to refresh the page.

    That's Opera though and nothing to do with :)

  5. Sorry, been away for a few days. This seems to only be a problem when people at my work are viewing posts. It may be due to a cache server, proxy or something similar.

  6. Even I am experiencing the same problem. But it is not just with the new posts, but also after adding a blog to my blogroll; and after i make a new post, even after the post turns up, the category list is not updated!!!

    Can someboy help me with this?

  7. The category list is stored in a cache. It is not updated automatically. It takes a few minutes for it to update.


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