Having trouble deleting pages!

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    When I click the link to delete a page, I get the error: You do not have permission to do that. ??? Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? This happened before when I tried deleting posts..

    Thanks in advance



    Are you trying to delete them through dashboard/manage? I’m not clear what you mean by “the link.”


    Yes.. through the dashboard & manage..



    Sometimes clearing the cache (shift-f5 on Windows, f5 on Linux and I think cmd -r on Mac) and cookies is enough to kick it into gear.

    If not, send in a feedback to support with details about your set up (browser and version number, operating system and any security software you’re running).


    I deleted the cookies and cleared the cache, and I’m still getting the same problem. Maybe I’ll try rebooting, and if nothing happens still, I’ll send in the feedback to support. Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it..



    No problem. Good luck.

    I must be one of the lucky ones because none of the recent bugs have bitten me.

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