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    I apologize if this is addressed somewhere, I tried searching for an answer, but I am not much up on the lingo. Anyways, I wanted to create a way to have a recipe index page with pictures being clickable which would take the visitor to that recipe. I had no problem making the links and pics mesh, but I cannot get the links on the same line, meaning they are not horizontally next to each other; they are one below the other. Please take a look at that page, maybe that would make a little more sense: http://chefsquire.wordpress.com/?page_id=314&preview=true. There is no break when I look at it under HTML and all the pics are formatted as “alignnone.” Thanks for your help!


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    I have done something like that. I don’t use captions because they seem to mess up other formatting. My index pictures are alignnone (html sp?) so they slip in next to each other. I rely on the hover for people to see the title of the image-link. There is a table at the top using page-jump so folk can click on one of my “categories” (actually “cooking methods”), then get to the part of the page they want to see.
    I think you can view “source” to see the kind of code I used?
    Hope this helps.


    That’s because of the intervening text snippets: there are no “br” tags, but there are “p” tags for the text. I guess you want your images three in a row, but where would your texts be in that case? To manage that, you need coding for TABLES. If you need help with that, let me know.


    (Obviously my post replies to chefsquire – 1tess’s post wasn’t up yet when I typed mine.)


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    Thanks panaghiotisadam
    I think the original poster wants to continue to add recipes to “Breads” “Breakfasts” “Drinks” etc and if he/she makes a table it could become complicated to to with a table? Or are you saying to make tables for each one (“Breads” “Breakfasts” “Drinks”)? Take a look at my index and see if I could do this more elegantly? http://1tess.wordpress.com/essentials/recipes-by-cooking-method/


    @1tess: Oh very yes, your page is not just elegant, it’s stupendous!

    (And so is your avatar: most thoughtful feline I’ve seen!)



    I don’t want a table necessarily. I do like how Tess’s is set up, but I would prefer to have the text without hover. Is there a way to change the “br” to “p” tags. I wasn’t thinking this would be so tough… maybe I will do standard text links.

    BTW, the reason there are categories without anything below it because this is a work in progress and I havent yet blogged about recipes in that category yet and this is just a work in progress and I wasn’t planning on publishing the page until I have more recipes blogged about.


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    I would like titles of the recipes too, but have not figured out how to do that. Except make tables with pictures and text for each section, but that gets complicated so I wouldn’t keep it updated enough to be useful. One other thing to consider is that there are still lots of folk without high-speed access and the page loads slowly. I have a lot more recipes and even with dsl it takes a little while to load. I’m thinking about adding another page with text only so people could have a choice.

    Thank you–the detail of your forum input gave me courage to try. That avatar is my cat Gracie and sometimes I think he looks really stupid, but often curiosity is based on ignorance. Like he was a stray we adopted and I did not know then that most all orange cats are male!



    Thank you everyone for your help… I am just going to move over to just text, but I’m mad at myself for spending all that time linking photos. Oh well, live and learn.

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