Having trouble getting started

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    I just read the differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

    I have also read some forums and believe I have a handle on what I want to do but not 100% sure.

    I wanted to start being an Amazon affiliate so I signed up with wordpress.com and I purchased a domain from word press. I then thought i was ready to go.

    Hoever there is one thing I need confirmation on.

    I am now on the understanding that I cannot be an amazon affiliate with my domain using worldpress.com. Is this correct?

    My understanding is I have to use a web host if I want to start being affiliate for others companies and have advertisers.

    If this is correct can I use my domain with web hosting even though i purchased from worldpress.com not worldpress.org?

    Thanks and once I get confirmation I can start blogging.

    Blog url: http://honestproductsreview.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is honestproductsreview.com.



    We do have an advertising program called WordAds, which you can apply for at http://en.wordpress.com/apply-for-wordads/

    Advertising outside of WordAds at WordPress.com is not allowed. For full details, please see:

    If you require other advertising, you might be interested in a self-hosted (WordPress.org) installation. There are no restrictions on advertising if you setup a self-hosted WordPress.org blog instead of a WordPress.com blog, but there are some added responsibilities.

    Please see this link to learn about the differences:

    We have hosting recommendations at the following link if you are interested:

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