Having trouble moving widgets in custom theme

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    Hi Guys,

    So, I am learning basically from scratch how to build a wordpress them to basically match my organizations website: http://www.jerseyarts.com. I have successfully changed the header, width, fonts and color scheme but can not figure out how to move the widgets away from the edge of the blog. After changing the width, they appeared up against the right side with no padding. I can’t show it because I am just experimenting, we have not purchased the upgrade yet.

    Is there a specific CSS command that adds padding to the right side of the blog which would push the modules over?

    Sorry to add another question, but, this is also giving me trouble, I can not center the divider bars in between the menu items…they appear higher then the text.

    I am a novice on this with a tiny bit of CSS experience but more HTML than anything, any help you could offer would be super!



    The blog I need help with is jerseyarts.wordpress.com.



    That’s not a wordpress.com blog. We provide support only for wordpress.com blogs. We can’t help you with that here. Go to the correct forum for those who are self hosting wordpress.org software -> http://wordpress.org/support/


    Wait, no, I am on wordpress.com. The site I provided was our site not our blog, click on my name to go to the blog. I provided the site that I was trying to match with a custom wordpress.com skin, I sware! lol.



    I’m using Firefox and I cannot see the problem you “see”. This is a link to a cross browser compatibility test site http://browsershots.org There you can see how your CSS editing renders in all other browsers.

    There is no Staff support for learning CSS. We have one remaining member who will occasionally help with CSS but by and large you are on your own.


    I understand. You can’t see it because I haven’t purchased the upgrade yet and I can only see it when I am previewing my changes in the Edit CSS section. I thought perhaps there was an easy “use this command” and “put it here” for padding on the side of a wordpress blog. Thanks anyway!



    What do you mean by “move the widgets away from the edge of the blog”? If you mean having no widgets, you can do that without the CSS upgrade.


    After bringing down the width of the whole blog, the widgets seem to float on the right edge of the blog with no padding. I want to move them away from the edge. I keep thinking there has got to be some kind of padding commands that would put them in the right place, but don’t know.

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