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Having trouble setting link order

  1. I want to order the links listed on the sidebar of the blog by rating. Inside of the links manager when I change order to rank it shows the list properly but then when I look at the site it is still ordered by name.

    Any ideas?

  2. Some themes order links in a default way and they don't respect the order in the link manager unfortunately.

  3. Actually you can modify the links within catagories. It might not work as, as donncha mentions, the theme might override the selection.

    Dashboard -> Links -> Link Categories -> Edit the category you want to sort under -> Category Options -> Sort order.

    Hope this helps,

  4. ahah, okay, I'll try that and report back. thanks

  5. Now that the link manager is gone and bookmark categories are being managed with the post categories, it appears to me as if there was no more way to edit the link order? It can't be a problem with the theme (I'm using Rubric, btw), since I had my links sorted before everything was changed into bookmarks.

    Is it just me, have I just overlooked something, or is the "sort order" page really gone...?

  6. Looks to me like it's gone. Bear in mind, though, this is alpha code so it may be fixed at some later stage. The chances of this are higher if you send a feedback requesting it.

  7. We're going to add sorting order to the link and blogroll widget sometime within the next week or so.

  8. Hi

    Has the sorting order to the above been added? I really want to have control over the way the links are being displayed. Thanks for a great great site!


  9. Can someone provide an update on this? Thanks!

  10. I haven't heard anything though. I'll send in a Feedback though with a pointer to this thread asking about an update.

    I'm sure though they'll let us know when it rolls out. I would like to see it as well.

  11. DUH? says the newbie. drmike - will you please briefly explain what is meant by link sorting order. What would it allow one to do?

  12. Note if you take a look at my links page, the links are in alphabetical order. Yours is as well. Some themes either just link them in the order that they were put into the database.

    There's probably also a way to get them listed is some sort of ranking order like Pages can be done.

  13. Bump. This would be very useful since I'm adding links as my story goes but the theme defaults to alphabetical. I suppose I could number them in the description text to get them ordered...

  14. WHy not just do a link page like I do? Granted mine are alphabetical but still you can sort it any way you want.

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