Having trouble signing up non-wordpress users to my 'follow' widget

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    I have asked two people — both non-Wordpress users — to follow my blog by clicking the ‘follow’ widget on the sidebar. They said a screen pops up asking for their email address but then they never get a confirmation email and they also never receive emails whenever I publish new posts.

    How do I properly sign up non-Wordpress people to follow my blog?

    The blog I need help with is newstoliveby.net.



    Have them check their email client spam filters please.



    That worked. Thank you very much. The email was in the spam folder.

    Also, I thought I would get a confirmation email saying someone new — a non-Wordpress person — is following my blog, but that email never came to me.

    When WordPress users signed up…I received an email telling me so.

    Any answers on that?




    Please confirm your email notifications settings are correct here > Settings > Discussion
    Also confirm the correct email addresses are entered at
    the Settings tab on the WordPress.com home page, and
    Users -> Personal Settings in your dashboard
    All note this please > http://en.support.wordpress.com/email-notifications/#what-if-the-emails-arent-getting-through
    If those are correct then please post again and I’ll flag this thread for Staff attention.



    I figured it out! I had conflicting email addresses in WordPress. I got everything consistent and now it’s working.

    Thanks for the help!

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