Having trouble with my post order. Plz help

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    Hello there. I just posted a new post today, and for some odd reason, it’s showing up directly below the one I posted prior to it. The date on it is December 10th, while the one ahead of it is marked December 9th. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

    P.S. I was having trouble with this before, and I discovered that my time zone wasn’t set correctly. I’ve fixed that however, and now I’m getting this problem.

    The blog I need help with is freshcookiezblog.wordpress.com.


    by the way, here is the blog url: http://www.freshcookiezblog.wordpress.com

    the top two posts are the ones that I am referring to


    Ok it looks like I’ve discovered the cause of my problem. I just went to the ‘posts’ section in My Dashoboard and discovered that the post says ‘Sticky’ next to it. I dont kno how I stickied it, but that leads me to my new question.

    How do I un-sticky the post?


    Ok lol it looks like I didnt need to post here after all. I’ve solved my dilemma and figured out how to un-sticky my post. My apologies for the false alarm haha. :)


    That’s because you’ve set the “Lupe Fiasco” post as a sticky.

    Post editor > “Publish” module: click “Edit” next to “Visibility”, uncheck “Stick this post …”, click OK, click Update.

    Or (faster) Posts > Edit: hover over post title, click Quick Edit, uncheck “Make this post sticky”, click Update Post.


    Ah – ok then! (Obviously your 1.33 and 1.36 posts weren’t here yet when I started typing.)


    lol yea. Thanks alot for ur concern tho. It’s good to kno theres someone out there willing to help :)


    lol yea. thanks alot for ur concern tho. I appreciate it. good to kno someone out there is willing to help out :)

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