Having trouble with saved revisions…

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    At first I thought I was messing up, but three days in a row now I’m having trouble to revise posts in their draft state. I save my revisions, only to come back a couple of hours later and find that the version stored is not correct.

    there is no mention of autosave, nothing. This happened for three different posts, in two different computers.

    is anyone else experiencing this type of problem? It is very frustrating, I worked for a long time getting a post ready for next week because I am leaving on a trip, and lost all my final “tuning”. Links, text, everything is back the way it was earlier today.

    The blog I need help with is bewitchingkitchen.com.


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    It won’t help you get your revisions back, but in future this is a good idea:

    This is an ongoing bug with drafts, so simply don’t use drafts at all. When you start a new post, enter the title, type a couple of words, set the visibility to private, click Update. Continue editing and updating, turn to public when finished.



    Thank you so much, Tess! I went and read the other thread too, it’s amazing that this has never happened to me in almost 4 years of blogging, and all of a sudden it hit me this past week like a bad virus :-)

    very frustrating, but at least now I know it’s not just me, or my computer…

    will do what you suggested. Thank you SO MUCH!


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    Hi Sally,
    You are welcome. It’s happened a couple of times to me, so I can certainly understand the frustration.


    The same thing has been happening to me this week! I kept thinking maybe I didn’t save the draft, but it’s now happened with three different posts as well, and never happened in the past. Thanks for the tip– I’ll do that in the future.

    My blog is stellinasweets.com.



    Hi, Stellina… annoying, isn’t it? It happened again to me this morning with another post, but I was able to retrieve in the “revisions”

    I do hope they can fix this problem


    Yes, it IS annoying, especially when you’ve lost a draft that was almost ready to publish! Oooh, how do you retrieve revisions??



    When you go to edit the post, keep scrolling down, and you should see at the bottom a place with “revisions” – click on it and it will show a list of all revisions made from the beginning.

    Now, if you don’t see that, when you go into the editing mode, there is a small tab on the upper right corner with “screen options” – click on that one and make sure to select “revisions” so that they show up for you

    hope this helps…


    Awesome, thank you! I didn’t know about that. :)

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