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Having Your Own Template

  1. Hey, I just recently installed wordpress. Now, I really want to make my own design and stuff, but I dont know How to "Dress" the design on my blog. I want to know what I need to know in order to do that, what to change, etc.

    Thank you.


  2. sorry, wrong forum! this is the support forum for blogs. for wp-installed blogs you have to go to the forums which is at

  3. I can see you have a blog; the bad news is that short of buying the CSS upgrade, you can't substantially alter the look of your blog. We share a blogging platform here, so if you were to change the template you'd change it for everyone else using that template.

    If changing the look of the blog is critical to you, either buy the CSS upgrade or download the software and install it in your own webspace.

  4. that's not the blog i am talking about
    I have downloaded the WordPress to my Computer

    So that's Y i was asking.
    Thanks for the help

  5. See Sulz's answer. It's different software, with a different site and different answers. Our answers would not apply to your question.


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