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Haywire sharing settings?

  1. Anyone else experiencing a glitch in the sharing settings? I am "sharing" on Twitter and Linkedin to fire a post to each, but now there are duplicate accounts... up to 4-6 on some scheduled posts... of which I cannot seem to macguyver. Disconnecting (in hopes to reconnect as a solution) from my social media services leaves me in limbo-land because the disconnection doesn't render.


  2. I'm having the same issue. My Publicize shows 2 of each - one, followed by my name & the other just the name of the venue. And each one shows the number of posts total going to that venue.

    In other words, my Publicize shows this way:
    Facebook: (my name)
    Facebook (2)
    Twitter: (my name)
    Twitter (2)
    LinkedIn: (my name)
    LinkedIn (2)

    I tried unchecking one of each but when I Save the post, it reverts back to the duplicate settings.

    Can someone help with this?
    Thank you!

  3. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Thank you, timethief! ; - >

  5. I'm having the same issue as nefertizahra. My next post is scheduled to go live about an hour from now - any word on when this issue will be resolved?

  6. Same here, as of today.

    The Publicize area of the Publish module shows:

    Twitter (2) Edit Settings

    On clicking the Edit link, it shows:
    Twitter: JenniferT

    I also had a strange occurrence with a different account today where I unchecked both boxes under Twitter, but the post was publicized to Twitter regardless.

  7. And it appears that this issue has resolved itself on my sites.

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