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  1. How do I add a link to 'Articles" within the banner under my header alongside my existing ones of 'About me', 'About this Blog' and 'Contact Me'?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Assuming you mean a link to your posts, you create a blank page in Pages > Add New (titling it "Articles"), then you go to Settings > Reading and set this page as your posts page.

    If you're using the regular top menu of the theme, the tab will automatically show up in the menu. If you have created a custom menu, you go to Appearance > Menus and add the new page to the menu.

  3. Thank you justpi,

    I tried your suggestions but they didn't do what I want to do.

    Embedded within my Header I have certain menu options, such as 'About Me', 'Pages', 'Contact Me'. I want to add another to my Header, called 'Articles', into which I can put articles written by other writers.

    How do I do this?

  4. You're welcome.

    My instructions didn't do what you want to do because you hadn't said what you wanted to do (so I assumed that "Articles" meant your own posts).

    Now, what does "put articles written by other writers" mean? Articles by other authors that contribute to your blog or not? Published as posts or as pages? Published on your blog or published elsewhere? Put the articles themselves or put links to those articles?

  5. Apologies for my ignorance of blogging language.

    I want to be able to publish articles written by other authors on my blog. These would be published as pages and I would publish the articles themselves - (not links to the articles).

    I already have an menu option called 'Pages' within my Header. These are pages written by myself. I want to add to the Header another menu option to be called 'Articles', under which I would collect the pages of articles written by other authors.

    Many thanks

  6. To clarify, all I want to know is how to add this extra menu option to sit within my Header.

    Many thanks

  7. If I understand correctly, your header menu is the regular menu of the theme (you haven't created a custom menu in Appearance > Menus). In this case, you'll simply publish a page titled Articles, and you'll publish those articles as child pages to Articles: the menu will automatically display an "Articles" tab, with the child pages as a dropdown.

    I should add that your navigation is a bit confusing at the moment: you've got "About this blog; about me" as both a (blank) page and a child page, the Pages widget in the sidebar lists "Raising our Sons for War" as a regular page while it's the page you've set as your homepage, and the pages you have published are child pages to "Issues" while Issues is the page you've set as your posts page. Are all these how you really want them?

  8. hallo , how can i change the (A top notch........) with another words
    in my bog ?

  9. opps , i found it in general settings thank u .
    can I put a pgoto beside it ?

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