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    I’m new here, so I apologize in advance if this is already explained in detail somewhere else. Here is what I am hoping to get advice on doing:

    I’d like to extend the right side of the header on my site SEOlegion to align with the right page margin. As you can see, it stops just short of the Facebook widget.



    You need to manually extend the header to the width of your page. To do this you will need to have fireworks or photoshop software or some other graphic software. Trial versions of Adobe software will be fine for this task.

    Once the picture is wide enough, upload it to your website by going to:

    Appearance >> Header

    To widen the image, you simply create a canvas of the correct background color and correct width/height and then import your image on top of it so that it rests on the left side while the right side will simply match with the rest of the image.

    Hope this helps.


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    @ sdseoreview

    The site you refer to is self-hosted using WordPress.ORG software:
    you are in the wrong forum—you need to ask on the wp.ORG support forum.

    Our platform for wp.COM is different, and answers here may not apply to your situation.


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