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Header and all customisations gone!

  1. @gizeyat I wouldn't rule it out. billion dollar companies have gotten 'keep you safe' CD's that supposed to have anti-virus protection on them, with a virus build in them... so anything is possible in our world we live in.

  2. It's back for me!

  3. visual theme has the same problem as well... damn!

  4. Thanks for fixing this!!!!

  5. lisacohenmargaret

    Is WordPress currently fixing this? My blog went from fab to drab!

  6. same here. customized header, colors and menus are messed up. for the mean time, I just sent out an advisory to let my readers know that there is something going on.

  7. lisacohenmargaret

    Is WordPress currently fixing this? My blog went from fab to drab!

  8. hangukyeonghwa

    Fixed! Thanks WordPress for working on it so quickly :)

  9. visual theme has the same problem as well... damn!

  10. Sorry about that folks. We've reverted the change that caused the problem, and we're looking into restoring any sites that haven't recovered their custom settings.

  11. Thanks WP all fixed now :)

  12. not all of it is fixed for me! menus back, but where is header and the colors all messed up! Where is my header?

  13. And the storm has passed! ;) Thanks to WordPress for getting everything fixed so quickly (and before anyone had a nervous breakdown... LOL).

  14. lisacohenmargaret

    Mine still not fixed. I still can't see Reese Witherspoon in the header!

  15. Mine is not back. Cleared cache, still not fixed.

  16. Should i send a message to someone specifically for the problem of the "visual" theme?

  17. @tellyworth thanks for bringing back the menus! But my header image is not there and color and print customization are still messed up.

  18. Mine's back to! Thanks WP staff for your quick resolution to this issue! :-)

  19. Back to normal here. Many thanks.

  20. alisonearlsaloud

    I'm using 'Chunk' theme and header images etc have not only disappeared but when go into Customize and re-select and save, it doesn't take i.e. still gone and not selected in Customize. It's a drab day on the internet for WordPress viewers.

  21. @yoavf it's not the case ..

  22. OK..Just manually changed the Picture back and all is good. Hope it stays this way. TY WP Staff!

  23. penelopedreadfull


    It looks like everything is back. I had to change my header back, but that was easy. This time it stayed changed. I hope you get restored in full soon.

  24. seems to be working again :)
    that was fast!

  25. lisacohenmargaret

    Background's seemingly back. But menus and header are still the same. Still no Reese Witherspoon!!!

  26. After seeing the posts that the problem was fixed, I went to my site customizations and redid the color and header and menu and all the rest of it. Only *then* the site came back to normal, it did not happen automatically.

  27. Check your menus, mine were slightly changed.

  28. Phew. Good thing I don't take heart meds.

  29. It's probably happened to every single wp blog and will be fixed pretty quick. I find it puzzling that my menu has reverted to one I had earlier! Why is that ghostly old menu even around anymore? I didn't realize it still existed somewhere.

    Only my header photo and background/wallpaper color is gone, not any of the "featured images" that show as thumbnails for each of my posts on the home page (Expound theme). Or are other peoples' missing "featured images" a different type, like a header images on the blogpost itself?

    Yes, this type of weird glitch has happened to blog appearances before, can't remember if it was exactly like this or slightly different, but when something bad happens to everybody's blog or to a lot of the themes, wordpress seems to fix it pretty fast.

    One thing about a mostly cosmetic type glitch like this is that at least my blog is still functional--a regular user would realize that things look a little different but don't think it would interfere that much unless they are thrown by the different arrangement of the menu tabs...

  30. Oh well, off to bed since this has been fixed. I'll plug my blog as I exit. :)

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