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header appears in firefox but not on explorer

  1. Hi Buddies !
    the header of my blog , appears on firefox , but doesn't appear on IExplorer.
    Could somebody tell why , what to do ? here's my blog address:
    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This sounds like a browser issue. Please log out of, clear your browser cache and cookies and log-in again.

  3. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately , it doens't seem to be a cache and cookies problem. I asked a few friend of mine to load the website on explorer , they all have the same issue, the header does not appear . It does only on firefox.
    It does the same on two of my website:

    Can somebody help me out ????


  4. Hi. Just a thought but your header images are over 700 KB large and that doesn't seem to make Internet Explorer happy. Even when I try to open the header image by itself, Internet Explorer just displays an X instead. Have you tried with a header image that is less heavy?

  5. Following up on airodyssey's remark, your image is too heavy because its resolution is 300; needs to be 72.

  6. When you decrease the file size for images before you insert them, uploads and pages will load faster and the issue you have will disappear. Create a new image and optimize it. Delete the current image from your Media Library and replace it by uploading your new presized and optimized image. See here please >

  7. Thanks guys !
    I'm going to try it out and it should work.
    I let you know

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