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    Our header banner has turned black and is no longer there. There is just a huge black box where it was. Is something going on at WordPress? We have no one working on it or changing it!

    The blog I need help with is wtpotus.wordpress.com.



    Please understand that we cannot even begin to help you until you post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. We need to see the theme you are using. Also note that if you deleted the header images or any image from your Media Library then they will not be there and cannot be displayed.



    Sorry, I thought the link was shown when I signed in. I just checked and it occurred on our second blog also. Both blogs are Coraline. We haven’t done anything to make the changes, they just disappeared. I was working writing an article, completed it, and went to the main blog and that is how I noticed it disappeared. No one is making any changes or is working on it. I am the only admin online.




    I see the header on both of those sites just fine. This is either a caching issue with your browser or at your ISP most likely.

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then have another look.



    I’m having the same problem on http://ilikestuffblog.com (hosted on wordpress.com).

    My header shows a red gradient and blog name. That’s the background gradient that is supposed to be there momentarily, until the header image overlays it. But the background image (a rubber ducky in berry bushes) never appears.

    I tried logging out, I tried another browser. Still doesn’t work.

    I went into the Admin section to see if it knows about the header and it doesn’t remember my settings. The preview shows the default header for my theme: a light blue gradient background.

    The CSS for the div with id “headerimg” does not have a background-image specified. It simply went away without me doing anything.

    I’m not sure when we the last time it worked. Maybe a week ago.

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