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    Hi my site Fleurdelisproductions has a white square beside the header and i can’t get rid of it in the dashboard header section. The theme is bouquet. Thanks in Advance.

    The blog I need help with is fleurdelisproductions.com.


    There is a bug in the theme and they either need to change the background color declared with the header image to “transparent” or they need to set a maximum width for the theme that does not allow the white background color behind the header to show at the right end when a browser window is set very wide.

    I’ll tag this and have it moved to the themes forum so that one of the theme team will see it and hopefully get it fixed quickly.

    Here is a clickable link to the site: http://fleurdelisproductions.com/ .

    On an unrelated, but important note, you need to optimize your background image for the web and then upload the new optimized and use it as your header. Right now it has a 1.6MB file size, and for the web, that is WAY to large. By optimizing it as a low quality JPG, you can get it down to about 200k which is still larger than I recommend, but much better. You have to consider that there are still a good number of people out there on slower connections (under 1Mbps) and EEK! still a good number on dial up.

    The other thing is, with the way this theme is designed, you can’t see enough of the image to even make it worthwhile having on the site. All you can see is the tiny strip at the top around the header image.



    Thanks I will have to optimize my images. How could you tell how big the background image was?


    It took way too long to load, so I looked at the source code, got the URL of the background image, and then used my resource thingy to look at the file size.



    Ok thanks alot

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