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    I’m using Digg-3 right now. I want to change the text color to black but when I hit the change text color button, a blank box appears. In my lower left screen corner it says “javascript.void()”. I’d also like to add a subhead to the title in black. Please help — what do I do?



    Is your a wordpress.com blog?
    You have forgotten to post the url.
    (1) The theme does not have a tagline.
    (2) There are 2 ways to change fonts. Will this on work for you? http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/06/12/can-i-change-my-font-font-size/
    If not the alternative is to change it via a css upgrade.

    Do you have css customization experience?
    Have you purchased the css customization upgrade?



    Thanks. I’m a wordpress.com blog at http://ccyager.wordpress.com. I don’t want to change the font, only the color — to black or white. The theme does give me the option to change the header text color. My problem is that when I click on the change text color button, what appears is a blank white box — there’s no text or color examples in that box as I assume there should be. I’m suspecting my browser (Internet Explorer 7) because in the lower left corner of my screen it says “javascript.void()”. What does this mean?

    I have no ccs customization experience, so newbie I don’t know what it is. Don’t want to purchase the upgrade. I should be able to change the header text color without it in the Digg-3 theme. Thanks for the help.



    It might be an issue with the browser but I just tried it with IE7 and I’m not having any problems seeing the different colour options. Do you have any other browsers you can try? Firefox would be best. If you still can’t access it with another browser then you might have some firewall or security software interfering. If you have Norton, for instance, try turning it off.

    If you want to do it the hard way you can go into code and use the font tag around your text. For instance this <font color="#339966">your text here</font> should give you a green text colour.

    You can get the different colour codes from here:



    Thanks for the help. I went back to the Contempt theme for now until I figure out what the problem is. I’ve had an issue before with javascript not appearing but it wasn’t important before.

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