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header configuration

  1. I'm using the standard header provided by WordPress. I've read the basics on how to download your own personalized header but I have a question regarding the size. As you know all of the headers go across the entire top of the screen above your blog. If I want to provide my own header, how do I get it to take up the entire top of the page as in the WordPress headers? For instance, most of my pictures are the standard size, usually 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 so, to me, that would only appear as a small picture at the top ofmy blog rather than the full length. Cropping, as they suggest, wouldn't be an option here, so what's the solution? Appreciate any e-mail responses at [email address removed]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. We need the URL of your blog (starting with http://) in order to assist you with your question.

  3. First off we need a link to the blog, and secondly all answers are given in the forums. We volunteers don't do email support.

    Also, it is a really bad idea to put your email address in an open public forum. Spammers will find it and have a new place to send all their junk.

    Moderators, could you please remove the email address?

  4. Too slow I was.

  5. airodyssey....the blog is at

  6. What I'd do is use a graphics editor like Gimp or to resize the header and optimize it for the web and then upload it. Uploading raw digital files from a camera will eat up your storage space in no time.

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