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    Ok, sorry but I can’t find a topic that helps me with this question even though I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it somewhere! I have the CSS upgrade so I’ve been playing around with it. I now wish to put my custom header in without cropping it. I’ve loaded it into the media library and I’ve got the URL. What now? I’m using the vigilance theme and I can’t find anywhere to replace the URL.

    The blog I need help with is elisabethblog.wordpress.com.


    It’s in #title under the background declaration. Replace the URL of the image there with the new image URL that you upload to your media library.


    I can only find backgroundimages under comments, blockquote, entry/entries, widgets, rss! :( If you have the Master.CSS, can you copypaste the entire section where I’m supposed to write in the URL here? Once again you’re my saviour! haha


    and by backgroundimages I mean “background:URL”


    Add the following to the CSS edit window and change the URL (between the perentheses) to the URL of the new header image:

    #title {
    background:transparent url(http://elisabethblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/cropped-videotape_2.jpg) no-repeat scroll center top;

    Note that the header image should be 920px x 180px to fit into the original header area.


    thank you thank you thank you! :)


    You’re welcome.




    I would like to make changes to the Vigilance CSS theme – I purchased the “custom CSS” option.

    I want to add/modify the basic theme, but where can I see the current CSS? When I click on “view original stylesheet” in the stylesheet editor, I don’t see an actual stylesheet.

    Blog is totalrewards.wordpress.com.

    Thank you.


    First a suggestion: DO NOT paste this whole file into the CSS edit window. Paste ONLY the specific sections, and the specific declarations that you are changing into the CSS edit window and then select “add to existing…” Vigilance can be a little touchy on CSS.

    This is the link to the Vigilance master.CSS file: http://s3.wordpress.com/wp-content/themes/pub/vigilance/css/master.css?20090324 . Click on it, select save page from the file menu in your browser, name it, and save it to your computer. Make sure and save it as a .CSS file and not as a web archive or anything else. The open it with a plain text editor.



    Thank you for your help. I pasted just a few lines of CSS, selected “add to existing…” and it seems to work. Thanks again.


    You’re welcome.

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