header disappearing in benevolence after custom css

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    hi guys,

    this is really silly but after purchasing ‘custom css’ the header disappears! hm, i feel it really shouldn’t but well, that’s part of the deal i found out after desperately roaming the forums. grrr.

    what i eventually discovered is that the following line would help:

    #header {
    background:url(‘http://systemicastrology.files.wordpress.com/2007/04/main_banner_v1.jpg’) !important;

    but it didn’t. and whatever else i tried i just don’t get it to bloody work. any suggestions?

    many many thanks,




    The blog linked to your username is in the Hemingway theme and it has no customizable image header http://www.reinhardschleining.com/
    And as you are referring to another blog in the Benevolence theme posting an active link to the blog that you need help with may be a good idea.



    tt presumably a theme which does not have a customizable header *built in* can still be changed using the CSS upgrade n’est pas?



    Understood. But setting that aside there is still a confusion as the OP may be referring to a blog in the Benevolence theme, or not? It’s hard to tell.


    wow, that was quick. thanks a lot.

    the blog i’m referring to is http://systemicastrology.wordpress.com



    You are using the wrong CSS Selector. It should be #masthead {etc}.
    OT: It is obviouly a Gemini deriviative. :)


    oh my god, it worked! that’s fantastic, thank you so much …

    hahaha, what you mean by gemini derivative, are you into astrology as well?



    No, that’s not what he means. I’ll let him reply while I drink some coffee. :D



    Gemini was well………………….. a long time ago. :)
    But glad you got fixed up anyway. We like to have happy campers here :)

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