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    I recently posted a problem I was having with the header suddenly disappearing on my webpage. I tried different themes, and they would not work properly. Everything was scrambled. When I switched to Firefox, the issue was corrected. Tonight, I went into my SETTINGS and saw where the box was checked re. seeing the winter snow on other people’s blogs (I do not have the snow on mine). I UNCHECKED the box and saved. I went to my blog in IE and everything was fine. This box is automatically checked when the snow app comes out…so you have to go in yourself an uncheck it. So if you are having similar problems, this may be what’s causing it. It was for me. For some reason, it causes an incompatability issue, even if you’re not using this feature, with Internet Explorer. Again, the box is automatically checked without your doing it. You have to go into your settings area (not the settings in your dashboard, the one in the area where your stats are…it comes up if you hover over the W in the upper left hand corner on your webpage in the gray bar. Hope this helps someone.

    The blog I need help with is lynleahz.com.



    Thanks for this! I’ll go ahead and link it back to the other post where people were having trouble, and also give this link to our devs. Cheers!

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