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Header font

  1. I'm currently attempting to change the font of my header and navigation bar. For some reason, every time I try to audition a new style of type...nothing on my blog header (or rest of the blog text for that matter) changes.

    What gives?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum for you. Please do not create a duplicate thread.

  3. Well the forum switch has been made even as I typed.

  4. What font are you trying to change it to? Is it a custom font with typekit?

    Changing the font family in your #branding will get both the site title and the navigation at the same time.

    #branding {
    font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', HelveticaNeue, Helvetica, Arial, 'Lucida Grande', sans-serif;

    Those are the fonts that are currently applied.

    If you want to apply different fonts to each item. Use these for each one.

    #site-title {
    font-family: ;
    font-family: ;
  5. Mrdirby,

    thanks for the reply. The simple truth is I don't know what type I want to apply yet. Allow me to explain. I purchased custom design which apparently gives one the option to change the font. For example when I go to Appearance -> Customization, there exists a set list of fonts for Site Title, Heading, and Body Text.

    The problem is when I attempt to audition different fonts for each section, nothing happens; the font stays as is. If I can't cue fonts from the standard list, what's the use of creating a type kit?

    You know what I mean?

    Thanks again,...

  6. OK I thought you were trying to style with CSS. I took a quick look and it doesn't seem to be previewing for me, but I don't have the upgrade. Maybe there is a bug. I'll flag this for a staff member to look at and hopefully they can explain what is going on.

  7. @joeybeats, sorry for the delay. I see that is using the Mixfolio theme and that theme doesn't have custom font support. I'll check to see why it's missing and whether it can be added.

    In the mean time, you can use a font stack as mrdirby suggested. Here's a good article about it:

    And you can reply back here if you have any questions about finding a workaround.

    To make a font stack work, you need to identify the selector, or selectors, for the elements you'd like to adjust and then add a font-family rule using those selectors.

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