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Header font & Post date

  1. Hi,
    I need help with my blog Im using the theme Blogum.

    The first issue I'm facing, is the appearance of my blog's header on my iphone or ipad's browsers. The font I have customized my header to is "Raleway", but when I view the web version of my blog on my ipad or iphone, the font is completely different.

    Also, I need help in removing the dates from my blog posts. On the main page as well as the post's page.

    I hope someone can help!
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I need help please!

  3. There's no need to bump your threads. Since there are few forum volunteers with CSS editing experience, you'll just have to wait for staff assistance, and they can find un-bumped threads.

  4. I checked and you are currently using the advanced mode for custom fonts. To setup that way, you need to follow the instructions here to connect a separate Typekit account to your blog:

    If you'd rather use the standard custom fonts mode which comes with the Custom Design upgrade, go to Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts and click the "Switch to standard" link and then select fonts in the preview screen that shows up.

  5. Im actually not using the Advanced mode, as when i go to Appearance- Custom Design - Fonts, it says on the top right "Switch to Advanced". So I don't think Im using the advanced mode.

  6. I seemed to have solved the issue at the moment.
    The font is Raleway for the header, which is what it appears to be if you open the webpage on "desktop mode" on a mobile device.
    But how can I fix the the "mobile mode"? Is it possible to modify the fonts for that? Also, my blog's width and images are quite messed up in the "mobile mode" I just noticed. How can i fix that?

  7. Just turned off "Mobile Theme" and its worked. The blog has no option for the mobile site, and the page width and images are perfect.

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