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    Yeah, I’ve had the upgrade ever since I got started, but I hate the fact that each theme requires a different code, so I cannot use the previous ones (I used to spice up The Jounalist with my own header, but that code does not work here). I guess I will have to wait until some CSS-knowing guy makes that change for themselvesand shares the code with us.:)



    Most of the themes here at wordpress.com were all originally coded to run on free standing wordpress.org software installs. They were created by different web designers and there are no “traditional 920 px wide header on top of the whole thing” standards for headers or anything else for that matter. Each template is original and unique. In order to run on wordpress.com software the themes designed to run on wordpress.ORG free standing installs were “adapted” so they could run on this wpMU wordpress multiuser blogging platform. You are correct the CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes with the themes here at wordpress.COM.



    I had a little look in to this. Create a text widget in your left sidebar and put your global header in HTML there. Leave the title field blank. Then try adding this to your CSS:

    .container {margin-top:150px;}
    #text-3 {position:absolute; top:28px; padding:5px 0; background-color:#0a0a0a; height:150px; width:930px;}
    body.logged-in #text-3 {top:68px;}

    In this case the code was written for a 930px by 150px image. When you add the img tag to the HTML in your text widget it is probably best to explicitly set the size.

    width="930px" height="150px"

    You will probably also need to change the #text-3 selector to whatever is generated in your specific case. You can find this by viewing the source code of your page and searching for “widget_text”. The value you want should appear just before this as the id attribute. If you want it to be a different height all you need to do is change all the occurences of “150px” in the code.

    I only have the CSS upgrade for my main blog, not for my test blog so I used the nifty firefox extensions to trial the code. This means it might not be perfect but let me know if you get in to trouble.




    If I understand the above info correctly regarding getting the thumbnail images to show on the homepage, I need to activate the thumbnail option when I initially upload the images. Does anyone know of a way to do this after the images have already been uploaded and posted on published posts?

    I’d like to consider switching to this theme because I love the layout but with nearly 200 published posts, it would be a ton of work to go into each one, delete the image, and upload it again to activate the thumbnail.



    No the instructions in the theme announcement say to enter the “set thumnail” in the edit function. You simply edit the post and in the right hand column you click “set thumbnail”. See > http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/new-theme-inuit-types/

    There is no way to affect a “set thumnail” change in bulk on all the posts in your blog. I have over twice as many posts as you do. I am using this theme and I have no intention of editing each post just to have a thumbnail display. The images in my posts are not important as it’s not a photography blog. What is important and what readers are looking for is the post content. This is reflected in the searches they do to locate the posts.


    Re-uploading everything so it has the thumbnail would be pointless because once you hit Older Posts, it shows in one column without the thumbnail anyway. So the new thumbnail will only show on the main page. Because my main page has the two column version. The new thumbnail only shows for newer posts. But once I hit Older Posts, it’s all now in one cloumn, instead of the two column, and without the thumbnail.

    But you do have to upload a picture again if you want to use it for newer posts if it’s already been uploaded before. Don’t delete the old picture but just re-upload the picture again but with a completely different file name because we can’t have identical image file names in the media section.




    Great points! We can select to display up to 10 Featured Post Entries and they are the most recent ones. We cannot pick and choose which ones they are.



    I was hoping to use this on my photoblog, but this thumbnail business is a complete dealbreaker. I’m not re-uploading or re-inserting-in-fancy-new-method 500+ images.

    It’s annoying; why can’t they have a thumbnail picker like Digg, FB, Buzzfeed, etc that looks at your post and asks which of the images already in there to use?


    Shoot, scratch that Timethief. I just to Older Posts and one of my posts is showing the thumbnail. And that the same post where I started new. But only in Older Posts but forget what I said earlier. And if he wants thumbnails in Older Posts to show, then maybe he has to upload everything but that would be insane. I would just re-upload enough to fit the main page. Then start up new and forget how it looks in Older Posts.

    Oh, and to re-upload the same image again and rename it a different filename, just add the number 2 to the end of the file.



    I noticed that when you use the arrow on the bottom of the main page to look at earlier posts, they do have the thumbnail. When you look at posts via the archive, they don’t.


    Now I’ve noticed that we can’t use the image codes in multiple posts because it won’t show up as a thumbnail if it’s code we put in previously posted on older posts. It shows when we click the permalink but it won’t show as a thumbnail on the main page unless we re-upload the same image over and over and over again. I’ve used the same image before on other templates by just grabbing the codes. Now we can’t because it won’t show on the main page as a thumbnail. Argh.



    Inuit theme – the add thumbnail option has disappeared – it’s not on my page where I edit a new post nor is it when I open the Media Gallery.
    Worked perfectly yesterday.
    This is the blog I’m trying to post to –
    Thanks for your help.


    joniew, yes it changed. No longer says thumbnail but now it says Feature on the bottom right where the Thumbnail was yesterday.

    Forget what I was complaining about a minute ago. I’ve solved my problem. I’ve never used this feature for whatever reason but now I can instead of re-uploading the same image a thousand times. I can hit the media gallery feature when we upload the new thumbnail and I can grab it from there. Dang.



    Thanks so much! I can’t find that button on my edit page, but I went back to the Media Gallery and found it there and voilá thumbnail. How confusing. This theme is wonderful, but the option to use the thumbnail should be right there when we edit. Thanks again and happy blogging! Jonie



    Correction – found it under Screen Options, thanks again!


    joniew, so you don’t see it when you make a new post? It’s at the bottom right saying Featured Image. Underneath that, you click Set Featured Image. But when we edit, I believe the thumbnail is showing at the bottom right but it now asks if you want it removed.


    Hi guys,

    I just switched to Inuit Types after being on Regulus for 18 months on my blog <u>The Marching Jester</u>.

    I spent the last three hours updating every post in the last 18 months to include the thumbnails on every post as I really liked the look.

    Imagine to my horror when I realised those thumbnails only appeared under ‘older posts’ but not in my archives or categories.

    I came into the forums and discovered this thread.

    Am so disappointed and frankly rather frustrated as it means I’ve spent three hours doing something for nothing.

    Is there anyway to include the thumbnail when people click on my archives or categories?

    If it isn’t possible it’s okay. I just wished I knew it earlier as three hours is a lot of time on a weekend haha!


    No, in Inuit Types it’s not possible. What shows up in Category and other index pages is theme-dependent (see here: http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/full-posts-in-archive-pages/ ).


    Ahh I see.

    Thanks panaghiotisadam.

    I had no idea there were so many restrictions and at the same time, breadth and depth to uncover more theme secrets.

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