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header headline black box behind text

  1. Hello there,

    may I ask for support. Someone out there who is able to explain to me how to delete black box behind text of headline. I ve choosed theme Quintus. I just wonder because since November I online. I didn`t change anything but now suddenly my text appears with black box.
    Don`t know how to change it, to bring it back just to text.
    I would appreciate support so much.
    thanks martina

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Notice: if you add a header image but don’t explicitly set a header text color in Appearance → Header, then Quintus wraps the title and description with a black textured background. To remove said black background you need to explicitly set a color. (Tip: if you still want a white blog title you could enter a #fefefe color value.)

  3. I've just reported the issue to our theme developers to fix. I'll keep you informed.

    Thank you!

  4. I, too, have a black box behind my header text. Help! There is nothing I can do to change it back to just text.

  5. Thanks so much for your quick response and help, dear kardotim and dear supernu. I really appreciate youe tip and me helping.
    I also read about the black box and the reason for.
    You do write now about that Tip: 'if you still want a white blog title you could enter a #fefefe color value.'
    I hope you dont mind when I have to ask again, because thats exactly my problem, I do not know how to get there - into the space of CSS. I tried, couldnt find. And I do not understand that this just happened, because my header had been without a 'black box' behind text for month, suddenly it changed by itself, I didnt work on the design at all. Many, many thanks martina, Germany, Bonn

  6. Hi there,

    I'm sorry about the missing header in Quintus. I updated the header markup today and everything should work as expected again. Please let me know if you see any further issue so I can take another look.

    Thanks, Konstantin

  7. kobenland,

    Unfortunately, this morning I still have a black box behind my text. Is there something more you can do?

  8. Hello Cindy,

    Mr. Kobenland is the gorgeous one. He helped me out.

    Otherwise I managed to give colour to my text...and by doing so black box behind text disappeared. Dashbord - Design - Anpassen don`t know in english, field under themes, a field on right side open up, header...there you can move color of text.. they say, if you give color to text, black box will disappear...
    otherwise stick to Kobenland....staff....they will help...too...

  9. Thank you! It worked! Now if I can remember to do this all the time when changing the header . . .

  10. Glad, you`ve made it. You are most welcome.

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