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    Pretty new to wordpress.com and the forums, not new to CSS. I apologize if this is an FAQ but I couldn’t find forum search.

    I’m using Chris Pearson’s Cutline theme, but I want to use a header taller than the original height of 140px (mine is 770w x 328h). I can upload my image and am then taken to the cropping page where it displays my new header, however I’m unable to extend the cropping tool past the original 140px height.

    How do I prevent the cropping page from limiting my header height?




    Assuming that you have the CSS upgrade, I think you should upload your desired header image like any usual image to a post. Then you could use as the background for the header element via CSS.



    I didn’t understand delta’s answer so I’ll give you mine. When you have the CSS upgrade, you don’t use the header upload thingee. Instead, you load the image via the normal media upload, copy the url of the image, and paste it into your stylesheet. (You need the absolute image url, anyway, with the CSS upgrade.)

    Also – you may need to adjust the size of the header image area to make yours fit.

    If you don’t have the CSS upgrade, you can’t change the size of the header image.


    Well I’ve got the header image the way I want it in my custom CSS, however there’s still a large 140px space where it’s inserting the original custom header. Any idea how to remove this?




    I don’t see what you’re talking about. (Your blog is REALLY dark!) Perhaps you are looking at a cached version. Have you tried clearing your cache?



    I don’t see it either – where is this extra space exactly?


    not noticing a big blank area below “Front Page” between the navigation and the first post?


    I restored the theme’s original header so you can see exactly the space I’m talking about.




    OK. While I’m no CSS expert, it appears that you changed the #masthead image, which is not the same as the #header_img element. So have you tried

    #header_img img {


    ahhhh ok! thank you it works now!

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