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Header Image

  1. My header image is distorted. Here's the original image, it looks fine. I saved it in a png format, I don't know what's wrong.

    Can anybody help?

  2. There is a recognized loss of clarity when headers are uploaded that, at this time, cannot be improved.

  3. if you crop the image down to 780x200 (the original is 780x225) then should use the image as-is, so it doesn't get compressed.

  4. classicalfengshui

    How does one change the header to an image?

  5. I cannot tell if you have a blog or not because your username is not linked to it. So if your blog is self hosted or if you have hired a web host you are in the wrong forum and ought to be here instead

    If you are a blogger then it would be helpful to know that only some themes allow for a header and all have specific sizes. Basically you locate an image and put it into microsoft paint or photoshop and size it correctly before uploading it.

  6. I thought we couldn't use *.pngs as header images around here?

  7. This is what the FAQs says:
    What filetypes can I upload?
    Currently you can upload the following: jpg jpeg png gif pdf doc ppt
    P.S. txt is missing from the list

  8. That's for uploading to a post, not for the header images.

  9. It is because it converted it into a JPEG. If it is not originally a JPEG it will get fuzzy and distored. I hope this helps!

  10. So if it's "no" to uploading png files to be used as headers maybe we need to have that stated in the FAQs.

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