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Header Image...!

  1. Though I dreaded doing it, time to change the header image, third time since December.

    After hours searching for right image: opened WP "header" page
    -downloaded the photo
    -changed "text" color --blog's name (to match image)

    I barely understand the stuff keeps getting stuffed into Dashboard,
    try to avoid the new gizmos, tech dodads --hardly have time to research
    for posts, so I way don't keep up. So Maybe I'll get slammed, for posting this
    or even post deleted, and oh well but:

    First time I inserted new header image --into new Pilcrow: took nearly all night;
    2nd one: best part of an afternoon. Total time to make changes This time: :35
    :20 to do the changes and, lol :15 to admire it!

    Don't have question -don't need help--
    Header change: SO easy I'm stunned, dee-lighted. I'm posting to say:
    Well Done, WP crew
    You DID make some changes, right?
    Couldn't have been easier -smoother, I'm very happy, thought you deserved public:

    To see/admire WP's latest creation: look up
    daVine Remedy
    or not.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. como cambio el texto en mi cabecera que dice, "Just another site", ahh?

  3. @stonfils: Foros en espaƱol >>>

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