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    Re: bahiasailracing.wordpress.com

    I want to change the header image to a different one. I added a new JPEG (BSRA NEW BANNER) to the library and tried to set it as the header.

    Although the image is only 960 x 114 pixels, the app wants me to crop it (so I’d lose the right half). Why is this? I thought the max header size was 960 x 200.

    This JPEG is within that limit.

    Even if I re-size the image to about 400 pixels wide, it still wants me to crop half the image horizontally.

    I’d appreciate some guidance.


    The blog I need help with is fayence.wordpress.com.


    The ACTUAL header size you need to upload is 960px x 200px. That is not a “maximum.” If either dimension is less than or greater than those two numbers, wordpress will enlarge the image so that it can be cropped to the exact size required.



    Thanks. That fixed it and I learned something new.


    You are welcome.

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