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  1. outlandanthology

    WordPress has changed the image I use in the title bar to a blurry gray line.

    Why? And can it be reverted?

    So far it hasn't screwed with the footer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your header image looks OK to me, on Firefox.

  3. @outlandanthology

    The header looks fine to me as well.
    If the problem persists for you, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Close and restart browser if necessary.

  4. outlandanthology

    Not the style sheet header.

    The gray line above and below the author's name, source, and date. It should be a narrow crisp double line and not a wide blurry line. Like the one on the footer, only without the sunrise.

    The blurry line has replaced the original image in the media library also. It changed yesterday on all the pages. And not only on this account, but in other accounts and libraries.

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