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    i am new to wordpress and am trying to customize my blog by altering the CSS. However, the header image seems to have disappeared. Does anyone have any thoughts? Please help.



    Once you get the custom CSS upgrade, you have to put the link to your header image directly into the CSS. First upload the image to the media library, then get the URL of the image, then put it into the CSS.


    Thanks. Do you know exactly where I should place in the CSS?


    Yeah, it goes in #pic

    #pic {
    background:transparent url(headerURLhere) no-repeat scroll 0 0;


    How do you change the image in where the title would be? I can’t seem to find out.



    Oh… I can’t seem to find the place to add the above-mentioned code in Ocean Mist, so now I’m sadly “header-less” (there is no #pic in there).



    btw, i tried adding the code by thesacredpath to many different parts of my css, but the header just wouldn’t appear.

    what is wrong here?

    # pic {
    background:transparent url(http://vergiftet.wordpress.com/files/2008/10/header2.jpg) no-repeat scroll 0 0;



    What’s wrong is that the CSS for every theme is different so the selector is different. In your case, it is in div#header.

    If you are going to play with CSS, I strongly suggest getting the developer’s toolbar for Firefox. That allows you to see the elements in your theme.



    Thanks, that’s a good idea, switched to Firefox now.

    However, the header appears in a rather weird place now and there is a black line in the middle of it. Do you happen to know how to place the header in its original position?

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