Header Image Does Not Show in IE

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    After long back and forth between forums (https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=11522&page&replies=7) and Feedback:

    It may well be css related but skills in that area are very poor indeed.
    A post to the css forum might help?

    My Blogs’ image header can be seen in Every Browser known to man except Internet Explorer, and here is the proof: http://browsershots.org/website/http://theinnercircle.wordpress.com/#success

    Does WordPress see the urgency of solving this?



    Probably not at 12:20am on a Tuesday night, and not at ALL unless you’ve sent a feedback, which is how you communicate with WordPress staff.

    If you have the CSS upgrade and you used regular upload to upload your header, that’s your problem. There are multiple threads on this in the forum. You have to upload the header to webspace and put the URL of the header into the right spot on your CSS.


    IIRC, our version of unsleepable doesn’t play nice with IE6, but works fine in IE7.

    what code are you using for the image?

    #title a,#title a:hover {
    background-image:url('http://www.yozef.com/news_images/Logo_over.png') no-repeat bottom left;
    .primary img {
    border:0 solid #fff;
    .primary .item .itemtext {
    font:1.2em Trebuchet MS;

    This is what I have. amd yes raincoaster, I do have the CSS upgrade, all I need is to replace the text with the image I have, same width and height. I’ve contacted Feedback, they’ve referred me here. Here I am.

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