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Header image for a new page

  1. robertoneuburger

    Please, how can I add images as HEADERS in each of the pages the sidebar connects to? (NOT inserted into the text, ONLY as a header)
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See here please > setting a featured image
    Twenty Eleven
    Twenty Eleven has a special Showcase template which takes advantage of Featured Images when used on sticky posts:
    An image with a minimum height of 300 pixels and a maximum width of 500 pixels will display next to the post.
    An image that is at least 1000 x 288 pixels will be displayed instead of the post header with a title over the image.

  3. Just to be clear on this you can set a differnt header image by using the setting featured image instructions I linked to above, and when you do the images must be the same size as the header images 1000 x 288 pixels.

  4. robertoneuburger

    Thank you dear timethief. I followed the instructions and the photo/s appear/s in the "image" section of the dashboard (below, right) but does not appear as a header when I see the page (nor anywhere else). Of course, I updated the page before previewing.
    Best, thanks again,

  5. robertoneuburger

    The header remains the same for all pages; I´d like to have that photo only for the "home" page, and a different header photo for each additional page (all of which are featured in the sidebar links)

  6. You do have a different header image on this page:
    Which page are you referring to? What's the URL of the image?

  7. robertoneuburger

    Dear justpi,
    Yes. But I don´t know how I did that... I wish I could do the same with the remaining pages!
    The URL for "Medical Love" should be
    For "A psychoanalytic tango",
    Due to the failure to set the headers, I didn´t go on searching for adequate images for the rest.

  8. robertoneuburger

    Ευχαριστώ πολύ! (Thank you very much!)
    Both Greek pages were sent to the psychoanalytic Journal, Κλινική Ψυχοδυναμική, but only the first one was published.

  9. To set a featured image you edit the page, click the Add Media button (or the "Set featured image" tab in the Featured Image module), upload from your computer or select from Media Library, click "Use as featured image" instead of "Insert into Post", click outside the popup window to remove it, click Update.

    But a featured image won't show up as an alternative header image if it's narrower than the width of the header. In the theme you're using, the images need to be 1000px wide or wider: the ones you linked to are only 640px and 300px.

    (And thanks!)

  10. robertoneuburger

    Thanks again dear justpi!
    How can I make the image wider than they actually are, so they might meet the requirements? It´s difficult to find images already with the adequate size.
    Και παρακαλώ! (you´re welcome!)

  11. robertoneuburger

    Done! I clicked on the "edit image" button and widened each one. I´m almost there, but I´ll go on with the remaining pages later... The completed pages show images of (my favourite places in ) the cities of Buenos Aires, La Plata and Mar del Plata. Don´t you feel the wish to come and see around? I´d be glad to assess or guide you...

  12. robertoneuburger

    Oops. I managed to scale most images, but now it happens again: I follow all the necessary steps, but the new header does not appear.

  13. robertoneuburger

    The sidebar with the links to the different pages is now complete. Is it possible to add a small list of related links below these?
    ...thanks again!

  14. a) I'm glad you found out how to widen the images, but images blown up that way appear pixelated, so ideally you should look for images that are wide enough.

    b) You create the links in Links > Add New, then add the Links widget in Appearance > Widgets.

  15. robertoneuburger

    Thanks dear justpi. The problem is: I selected four related links, but only two of them appear at the sidebar, plus two unwanted ones, "Discuss" and "Get inspired", which I would like NOT to show up. Furthermore, the title preceding the links is "Blogroll", which I would like to change by "Related links". Is this all possible?
    You are incredibly helpful!

    PS. It´s true, some of the photos are blurred due to "pixelating". I´ll try to look for more adequate ones, but for the time being they do show what is intended. Most of them display my favourite places in Argentina (including the Colón and the Argentino opera theatres, some museums etc.), others art works by prominent Argentinian painters (Petorutti, Xul Solar, Berni), yet others photograpy and art by my daughter Sonia.

  16. "Blogroll" is the title that shows up when you haven't filed your links under appropriate link categories.
    Edit your links (in Link > All Links) and add "Related links" as their category. Then open the Links widget you've added, select that category from the first pulldown, save.
    See here as well:

  17. robertoneuburger

    I created two categories, "Related Institutions" and "Related Journals", but I only managed to select one of them to show up. Is it possible to display both?

  18. Yes of course, in two different ways:
    a) Delete the useless links, then set the Links widget to display all links: they'll show up as two groups, each one with the proper heading.
    b) Drag a second Links widget to Sidebar and set it to display the other link category.

  19. robertoneuburger

    Done! Thanks again, dear justpi!

  20. robertoneuburger

    The final step would be to order the pages in a different way from the current one. I´d like to have them together by language (insted of the displayed alphabetical order, that places unusual characters . German, Russian, Greek - at random), e.g. first the English papers, then Spanish, etc. Again, is this possible?
    ...and thanks again!

  21. robertoneuburger

    At each page´s "edit" section in the Dashboard there´s a dialog box, "Page attributes" which includes an "order" number at the bottom. I tried this (plus "update" of course), to no avail.

  22. That's the way to do it, only you must then go to the Pages widget and set it to sort pages by page order instead of page title.

  23. robertoneuburger

    Done! Didn´t know about that last step...
    I suppose a similar thing might be done with the remaining sidebar columns...? (i.e. the links)
    My warmest thanks again!

  24. You're welcome.
    Yes, you can do something similar with the links, as long as they aren't too many, by assigning a rating number to each one.
    But it's probably easier to create two custom menus for your two sets of links, and replace the two Links widgets with two Custom Menu widgets. Drawback: if you add a new link the Links widget will automatically include it but a custom menu needs to be updated manually.

  25. robertoneuburger

    Done, it´s good as it is, no need to create any custom menu for the links, the sidebar looks good enough. Too bad I can´t add any more, it´s just the allowed number.
    I guess the website is complete by now. Thank you again, all the best in the world!

  26. robertoneuburger
    Member can I put a caption for each page´s photo, explaining what it is?
    (e.g., "Buenos Aires, aerial view", etc.)

  27. a) "Too bad I can´t add any more, it´s just the allowed number."
    I don't know what you're referring to, but you're certainly wrong!

    b) Header images don't accept captions. If you hover over the image you automatically see the title of the file. If that's not good enough, the only thing you can do is add a note in the content of the page.

  28. robertoneuburger

    I was referring to the links. In the "ratings" box there is an allowance of 10 (plus 0, as it seems), but as the number of "related journals" I set is 11, it´s ok (for the time being...)
    Thanks, I´ll add the note at the end of each page.
    Και στο καλό! (All the best)

  29. You can manipulate the ratings to sort more than 11 links. For instance, your links Papers etc, Psychiatry etc, and Samiksa etc are in alphabetical order, so they could all have the same rating number.

    (And sorry, I have to correct you: "στο καλό" means "farewell"!)

  30. robertoneuburger

    Dear justpi,
    Thank you very much again. My website looks handsome now. I also hope to add new papers in the future. The only thing I´d wish now is to receive comments on each paper... How can I make sure the site becomes visited more often?
    Thank you also for the correction. It´s what my Professor used to say to me when the class was over.
    Γειά σας! Και να μην βασκαθείς! (Bye, don´t let the evil eye fall upon you!)

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