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    I just checked my blog and my custom header image that has been up there for over a month was gone and the old connections theme header was there instead! I went in and uploaded my header image three times now and it keeps saying that my custom header is the current header and that I should be able to see it on my site now. But it is still the old connections theme header! Help!!



    Many wordpress.com members are having this problem. I’m sure that after January 2nd, staff will take a look at this problem.

    BTW, nice blog, my mom loves cooking as well. I’ll let her know about your blog :)



    My image header has also gone away, and I am having the same exact problems. Hopefully the WordPress team can get everything up and running again after Jan 2. Its prob. some bug on their system and might reset close to the year ending or something.



    Thanks guys, sorry to say I am glad I am not alone :(

    Have a happy new year!

    Devblog, I am happy to hear you like my blog and will share it with your mom…Thanks! :)



    Send the custom header and what you have tried to support@ wordpress.com

    I need both :)

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