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Header image in K2

  1. Help! The header image seems to have disappeared. Here's my blog: Earlier this morning it had a photo - now it's gone. I've tried loading a new photo, but it doesn't appear on the blog.

  2. I'm experiencing the same thing.

  3. Ditto.

  4. Not even a force-refresh brings it back.

  5. Me too. Only set it up yesterday so thought i was being dim. Can see it when I go to edit the custom image header but not on the actual blog.

  6. I have the same problem. I wish they'll tinker around less. There'll been so many problems in the last few weeks.

  7. I'm using the Kubrick header and my picture is gone this morning, too. It was there last night.

    I hope this can be fixed soon!

  8. Sounds like k2 was tweaked to fix a problem with trackbacks not displaying, and in the process custom headers have been lost. Have any of you sent a feedback about it?

  9. Got it.
    Will deal :)

  10. Thanks podz - the picture's back!

  11. The header image is now back, but the "page order" is still isn't .

  12. My 3 k2 blogs have their headers back - thanks to the k2 team!
    And the awful black dots have disappeared from the bogroll categories - YAY!
    My pages are ordered alphabetically and that's okay with me. I can't find anything specific about page order in this thread so I'm wondering if you know about this work around reynie

  13. Thank you! It feels like "home" again. :)

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