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    I’ve uploaded a custom header image for my blog. The original image was a jpg compression level of about 80%, and the image size was about ~150 kB. It looked great when I exported it from photoshop. It was also exactly the right pixel dimensions to not be resize.

    Now the header of my blog (daveauerbach.com) looks terrible. The file size is ~30 kB, and its clear the JPG compression has been increased. Can I keep this from happening?



    The blog I need help with is daveauerbach.com.


    I guess you changed things in the meantime, as your header image doesn’t look “terrible” and is not under 30Kb.
    See staff reply here:
    So just make sure your images are in the right pixel dimensions but don’t compress them yourself (except when you need a very large image as a bg to the blog).



    Hi, Panaghiotisadam,

    Thanks for your reply. I read through the link that you are sent, and while it looks like it may be the same issue, it doesn’t really say how to fix it, just that staff member philiparthurmoore fixed it.

    That said, I think my issue is still there. Take a look at :

    At the top is the ‘adjusted’ header image. If you right-click on the ‘adjusted’ upper image, you’ll see that it downloads as 33 kB. The original image was ~300 kB (a slightly different less compressed version I put there to see if the compression on my end was the issue).

    Look at the two images. The top one has clear jpg compression artifacts, particularly the left and middle panels of the image. The lower one, supposedly the same image, does not, even though it has been resized for that particular display.

    See it? I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy….





    Also, FYI, the images are exactly the pixel size the theme asks for…


    You mean you consider the one inserted in the page better than the one in the header? I don’t.

    Anyway the facts are that
    a) WP compresses the images you upload (sets them to 90%), and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    b) Images downsized by WP (like the lower one – original 940px wide, displayed version 900px wide) lose some color and sharpness; see here:



    You mean you consider the one inserted in the page better than the one in the header? I don’t.

    I don’t either. I’m using Firefox 9.0.1

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