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Header Image link

  1. equibblyblogger

    Can I change the link for the "Header Image" so that it direct people to another site outside of wordpress when someone clicks on the header?
    Blog url:

  2. That's a no go.

  3. equibblyblogger

    that sucks - seems like you should be able to do this.

  4. What sucks? The inability to use a header image link the way it is supposed to be used, rather than to use it as a sneaky redirect to another site sucks? Are kidding or are you a kid?

  5. The header image of a blog is supposed to link to the homepage of that blog; making it link to a different site is possible, but it's deception.

  6. equibblyblogger

    I don't want to get in an argument over this, but it is my site after all and since it's a free country I see no harm in directing people to a different site - there's really nothing deceptive about it - the header is the logo of the site I want to direct people to. For instance, if I owned mcdonald's and if the header was the logo of mcdonald's and someone clicked on it, there's nothing deceptive about taking them to the mcdonald's site.

  7. It's a free blog that's being free hosted by You already have a custom link in your custom menu driving traffic to Your posts all drive traffic to the same site as well.

    Bottom line: It's not possible to use a deceptive header link in blogs.

  8. If you're looking for something more prominent than the custom link, you can add an image link in the sidebar.

  9. @justpi
    Aisde for a single Hone link to the blog the custom menu is compromised of custom links all directing to the same website. The blog is simply being pimped to direct traffic to the website.

  10. edit: "Aisde for a single Hone link" was meant to be "Aside from a single Home link "

    You right he/she could place an image widget at the top of the widget sidebar there and link it to that same site yet again.

  11. @TT: And the latest post is a variant of a post from the other site.
    If they go on like that, then soon they won't have to worry about the header image link...

  12. equibblyblogger

    Relax people - I'm just getting up and running and trying to figure out the best way of doing things. No need for the hostility.

    Thank you everyone for the info & thanks for checking out my blog and site.

  13. Please don't assume hostility where none exists. Just saying ... if you are going to continue to vrib article that are in essense duplicate content across domains then you need to learn how Google views duplicate content, and read all about tha Panda algorithm and Penguin upgdate.

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